Case 2

Executive Summary

Before: March to September 2023, down on average $69k/month. The YoY differences varied from -4% to -23%. Start Date: We begun on October 5, 2023. Initial Impact (2 Months): Following our takeover October sales reached $446,624 (7.2% increase YoY), and in November, sales were $477,509 (6.8% increase YoY).

PPC: Before vs After

Challenges Before Takeover: The account struggled with a consistent decline in PPC revenue, highlighting inefficiencies in ad spend and targeting. Strategic Interventions: We implemented a comprehensive revamp of PPC campaigns, focusing on optimising ad spend, refining targeting strategies, and enhancing ad creative quality. Results Achieved: Post-intervention, PPC revenue grew by 16% in October and 25% in November. The ACOS was successfully reduced from 35% to 33.6%, enhancing profitability.

Overall: Before vs After

Ad Impressions and Page Views: Achieved a 54% month-over-month increase in ad impressions, coupled with a 5% rise in overall page views, indicating improved visibility and reach. Customer Acquisition and Repeat Sales: There was a 40% growth in unique customer acquisition and a significant 56% increase in repeat sales, demonstrating better engagement and customer retention. YoY Sales Improvement: The overall sales trajectory shifted from a consistent decrease to a notable increase, reflecting a positive impact on the brand's market presence.


Product and Campaign Analysis: Conducted a deep dive into individual product performance, identifying key areas for improvement and potential growth opportunities. Campaign Restructuring: Revamped existing campaign structures, introducing more targeted and efficient campaigns based on product performance and market trends. Continuous Data Analysis: Regularly reviewed campaign data to make informed decisions, leading to a dynamic and responsive advertising strategy.

Ad Types and Budget Allocation

Primary Focus on High ROI Ad Types: Allocated a majority of the budget to Sponsored Products (SP) campaigns, identified as the most effective in driving sales. Experimentation with Sponsored Display (SD): Dedicated a portion of the budget to experimenting with SD campaigns to explore additional avenues for growth. Preparation for Sponsored Brands (SB): Laid the groundwork for incorporating SB campaigns as part of the future strategy.

Optimisation Techniques

Regular Bid Optimisation: Implemented a routine process for bid adjustments to maximise ROI and adapt to market changes. Keyword Management: Maintained a strategic approach to keyword research and targeting, ensuring relevance and efficiency. Negative Targeting: Actively identified and negated non-performing keywords, particularly in broad and phrase campaigns, to reduce wasted ad spend.

Forecasting and Strategy Adjustment

Analytical Forecasting: Leveraged historical data to predict market trends and prepare for key sales periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Adaptive Strategy: Regularly adjusted campaign strategies based on real-time performance data, ensuring agility and responsiveness to market changes.

Leveraging Amazon Features

Contextual and Retargeting Tactics: Utilised contextual targeting to reach relevant audiences and retargeting to re-engage users who showed interest but did not purchase. Brand Analytics Tools: Incorporated insights from tools like the search query dashboard, Customer loyalty dashboard, and category insights to refine targeting and optimise ad content. Staying Ahead with Updates: Kept abreast of the latest Amazon features and updates, adapting strategies to leverage new tools and functionalities for maximum impact.

Additional Challenges

Conversion Rate: Despite high review counts, the brand's conversion rates remained below the category's median and top performers, indicating a need for improved product positioning and messaging. 

Market Competition: The entry of two aggressive Chinese sellers employing black hat tactics significantly altered the competitive landscape, necessitating a more aggressive and strategic response to maintain market position. Asset and Imaging Constraints: Faced limitations in fully utilising SB and SD campaigns due to delays in asset provision by the client. Overcame these challenges by extending our design support to facilitate timely creation and deployment of campaign assets.


Summary of Results: The strategic approach to PPC optimisation, combined with a dynamic and data-driven strategy, led to a significant turnaround in the brand's performance. Overcoming initial challenges, the brand not only improved its market position but also established a foundation for sustainable growth. Next Steps Design: Now supplying the client with design support on a monthly basis to improve conversion rate.